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  • Why join FBS?
    Joining family business society makes you a member of our community. As a part of this community, not only will you meet new people from all across the world but be able to establish meaningful friendships. Your relationship with us will continue to make us an extremely strong support network that will push and support you and our other members as you all will develop both personally and professionally. Furthermore, joining family business society gives you access to a very powerful network, including current members and alumni. In the past, FBS has even helped its members score business deals and internships.
  • What do my dues cover?
    FBS dues cover all speakers, foods at speaker events, some club merchandise, speaker dinners, and subsidize other FBS social functions. Though we understand that paying dues to yet another club seems pesky, we promise they will be well worth it.
  • What types of events does FBS hold?
    FBS holds two types of events: Professional, and social. For our professional events, you will have the opportunity to listen to and interact with a number of elite business professionals. Our speakers are hand selected to include a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds among extremely high achieving business leaders. For our social events, we both hold social mixers (similar to kickbacks), and dinners, where we have the opportunity to use our relationships with a multitude of LA restaurants to dine together. In the past we have visited Lawry’s Prime Rib Restaurant as a group, and even had the opportunity to hear from its founder.
  • Who are some of the experts FBS has heard from?
    Some speakers include: David SK Lee, Jonathan Jaffrey, Richard Frank, etc.
  • What does FBS look for in applicants?
    We are not only looking for specific majors. In fact, we encourage a diverse group of students who are passionate to learn more about other student’s stories and gain expertise from experts in the field so that they can transition to potentially take over their own family business. We want students who have a positive mentality and eagerness to connect with other members to create strong relationships post USC.
  • What is the time commitment for joining FBS?
    Over the course of the semester, Family Business Society hosts speakers about four times on Tuesday evenings, as well as around four planned social events sporadically scheduled to best fit our members’ schedules. Members involvement in both our speaker and social events is extremely important to the success of the club especially since this isn’t a high volume of meetings club.
  • What is the application process?
    We will release the written application starting August 31st which contains a few short paragraph questions concerning more personal questions about your family business background, your extracurricular and activities, and why you want to join FBS. These written applications will then be reviewed by the FBS Eboard. After the written application, we will have our one-on-one interview round so we can gain a better understanding of you as a person and why you want to be a part of FBS.
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